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FAITH BASED TOURS – A Journey Like No Other

For many, a trip to a Holy Site is a fulfillment of a dream.   It is where your faith is strengthened and your beliefs are affirmed.

World Pilgrim Tours specializes in Christian Travel and Pilgrimages to   The Holy Land, as well as Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.  Our services are available to churches of all denominations.   Our itineraries are remarkable and our portfolio is phenomenal.  As a matter of fact, we have witnessed firsthand how our Religious Tours have transformed and changed lives.

Take a Pilgrimage, be where it all took place, we at World Pilgrim Tours call it  
A Trip of a Lifetime – a truly life changing experience for everyone!


It began over 100 years ago when our founding father took Pilgrims and Tourists alike on horse drawn carriages to visit Holy Sites in the Holy Land.  An uncontested creation of our corporate ideology and name. With a family tradition of 4 generations, we have provided thousands of travelers unforgettable trips throughout the world.   Today we are an innovative company, and stand as one of the leading Tour Operators providing unforgettable journeys worldwide.

We welcome you to a tradition of excellence!